pilot operated valves series 5100

VIRCO Pilot Operated series 5100 Pop Action Type safety Valves (POSVs) are designed acc. to ASME SEC VIII, API 520 and API 526 standards. The full range of sizes from 1″ x 2″ up to 8″ x 10″ with all orifices from D – T is available for pressure ratings up to pressure class 2500 x 600.

Beyond API 526, VIRCO also offers Extra Orifices (also known as Full Port or Full Bore nozzles). The Extra Orifices provide maximum capacity in relation to valve size. In addition, VIRCO POSVs come in two different functional designs, i.e. Pop Action (Series 5100 & 5300) and Modulate Action (Series 5200 and 5400). These designs determine the POSVs operating characteristics.

  • pilot operated valves series 5100

VCIRCO POSVs Series 5100 with quick opening

  • are used for applications where the certified discharge capacity needs to be reached quickly
  • are used for gas applications only
  • have an adjustable blowdown of 3 – 7% of set pressure
  • pressure conforming to ASME VIII which can be adjusted beyond API standard up to 15%